How Our Class Operates


  • Absent:

            It is Your responsibility to complete missing work. Make sure to check the missed work folder,

            my interactive notebook, another student, or ask me for missed work. The missed assignment is

            due the within 3 days. If you are out more than one day in a row, please see me for when work is


  • Late Assignments:

            If  you do not complete a graded assignment, there will be a penalty for handing in the assignment  

            late. You will lose 5pts for everyday it is late.

  • Classwork/Homework:

             Homework will be assigned for any classwork that is not completed during the allotted classroom

             time, it is due the following day.

  • Tests & Quizzes:

            If your grade is less than a 75% on any test you may ask for extra help and

            retake the assessment.

            On a score of less than 60% on quizzes you may make corrections and hand-in to me for a

            grade of 75%.

  • Leaving The Classroom:

           You must have a hall pass.

  • Extra Help:

            I am here to help, please arrange a time to meet with mel.

  • Behavior Policy:

            A positive learning environment is based on respect. In our classroom you will be expected to

            respect me, the other students, yourself and our classroom. The following procedures will be

            followed unless the behavior is harmful to yourself or others.


1. The first consequence will be a verbal warning.

2. The second time you will receive an invitation to meet with me to discuss how I can assist you in correcting your behavior, and

a behavior file will be opened.

3. The third time a telephone call to your parent/guardian, as well as, being sent to BIC.

4. The fourth time your parent or guardian will be notified by telephone and an office referral will be sent.

5. The fifth time If inappropriate behavior continues your behavior will be addressed by administration