Concert Band

Concert band is available for grades 6 through 8.  Students in band have the opportunity to develop musicianship, practice team work, and create lasting friendships through the creation of music as an ensemble.   6th and 7th grade students may learn flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, baritone horn, or percussion.  In 8th grade select students who demonstrate a level of mastery on their instrument may graduate to higher level instruments such as piccolo, oboe, bass clarinet, tenor or baritone sax, trombone, tuba, and timpani.

The band will perform at least two concerts per school year.  There will also be opportunities to play outside of school, either as guests at neighboring schools, or at festival competitions.  Students who show great dedication to their music will also have the chance to audition for regional and state honors bands.

Should parents have any questions about band, please contact Miss Portik at nportik@ecps.us.